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Welcome to a 30-Day Launch!

Ready to find your Biz Builders? Then you are ready for YOUR launch!

We are planning a team-wide 30-Day Launch for March. Let’s do it together! 

The essence of a launch is to put all of your action focus on introducing as many people as you can to the business opportunity for a set period of time – I recommend 30 days. Premise: This work stems from Eric Worre (NetworkingMarketingPro.com). He has made millions in network marketing and is now dedicated to helping network marketers find success in their network marketing biz. He interviewed hundreds of millionaire network marketers to ask them how they built their business. ALL of them could trace their success back to a launch when they focused on finding their builders for 30 or 60 days. In fact, most found that well over 95% of their entire income came from 1-2 builders they found during their launch. I have completed two, 30-day launches over the last two years. I found 14 builders in my first launch AND my two biggest builders joined me then. The best part? I didn’t even ask those builders to join me – they weren’t on my radar. I know I attracted them during my launch because it was my focus at the time.


  • The more you talk about the business, the more comfortable you will be talking about the business. It will be easier and you will share it from a more competent place.
  • You also become more comfortable with rejection. (Of course, not everyone will want to do it!) You just go to the next person.
  • Placing your attention and intention on something helps you attract what you want into your life – like I attracted my builders!

Guidelines: Focus is on finding your builders, making contact with people, calls, etc.

  • Set aside all extra work that you don’t need to do –  all the back office things, etc. Let your active work time be focused on finding your builders.
  • Also set aside unnecessary household chores. Let yourself do just the basics for the next 30 days. (I even do some pre-cooking to get ready.)
  • Up your self-care. Be sure your downtime is truly replenishing, not just shutting down the brain. Fresh air, exercise, meditation will refuel you far more than vegging in front of the tv. (I actually delete the Netflix app from my phone during my launches!)


To create the time and the energy, let’s put a plan together: Here’s a worksheet for you to print and set your intentions: 30 Day Launch Worksheet

START HERE: Listen to the summary of your pre-assignments:


Step I: Revisit your why Pull out your why and reread it. Does it still fit you? Does it still bring up emotion? (Did it ever bring up emotion?) We want to fuel your launch with excitement for YOUR future! Listen to this radio show and revisit your why.


Step II: Remember why YOU love the business. Fall in love with Young Living all over again. Recall all the ways Young Living products have enhanced your life and your wellness. Know, in your heart that you want to share these oils with others so they can receive the same benefit. Fall in love with Network Marketing. Those of you who have spoken to me know just how passionate I am about NM. I LOVE this business and think most people should be doing it – with Young Living or another company. What other business gives you:

  • Low investment entry.
  • Low monthly overhead.
  • No risk – you can quit at any time – and then come back!
  • Ability to make a lot of money in a short period of time.
  • Ability to choose your own hours.
  • Cooperative – your success is based on helping those beneath you succeed.
  • I could go on and on and on.


Listen to this Training in Ten recording I did with Christi to catch my enthusiasm:

When I speak about the business, my passion, my excitement, comes through. Don’t worry if you can’t explain it exactly as I do. I have a video on YouTube you can send peeps to! (You can see it here.)

Step III: Set your daily intentions for connections Decide the number of people with whom you will connect daily for 30 days. I recommend a minimum of 2-3 new people everyday but 1 will still make a difference. Deciding the number ahead of time will inspire you to keep going on days when you don’t feel like doing as many. These new calls will begin to generate follow up work. You may have left a message and need to contact them again three days later or you may need to send them something. Keep in mind your commitment to do at least so many new contacts. That does not include your followups. Remember you are connecting with the express purpose of telling them about the business.

Step IV: Revisit your networking list Now revisit your networking list and rearrange it. If you feel awkward about talking about the business still, place your good friend, mom, aunt at the top of the list. Ask them to help you practice. Getting a few practice calls under your belt to start can help you feel more comfortable and competent around it. (And they just might want to jump in!) Then list the people who have expressed an interest in the past, but haven’t followed through with it yet. Then add people in your downline you think might be interested. Finally, sprinkle in your “Chicken List”. Your chicken list are those peeps who are a stretch for you to talk to about the business. You know they would be amazing, but you feel shy about mentioning it. I’ll give you some hints on how to do the chicken list later!

Step V: Make your list Every night sit down to create the list of people you are going to call the next day. It is crucial to do it ahead of time. It is so much easier to do it the day before then to sit with it the morning of your calls. Procrastination is a strong pull! Make your calls. Do them on your way to work, at lunch, after work, whenever. Be creative! You will often be leaving messages anyway so it probably won’t take long. When you do get someone, decide on a follow up action. Should you meet for tea? Set up a longer call time? Do they need to see Christi’s video? Laura’s NM video? Here are a few ideas for you.

Step VI: Mindful self-care All of this will take energy. Good chance you will be coming upon some of your resistance around building your business. It takes a surge of energy to complete something that you are avoiding. Even just a moment of self-care will help replenish that energy. Have someone that is really hard to call (we call it our “chicken list”) then plan to do it when you can take an extended break to replenish afterward. The self-care will also help give you the energy to do something you are avoiding!

Step VII: Plan rewards: What are your rewards for success? Again, let’s plan this ahead of time. What are your treats? While you need to choose what works for you, here are a few suggestions:

  • Day 1: Completing your commitments on Day 1. Yep, there’s a reward for that?
  • What will you do after 1 new builder?
  • 3?
  • 10? – YES, 10! Or perhaps 15…

Okay, are you ready? Use the days leading up to our March 1 start date to get ready with these things. Let’s LAUNCH!

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