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Looking to take your business to the next level during this pandemic?


We partner with you to help you succeed!

Learn to TEACH Yoga + Essential Oils classes to differentiate yourself from the crowd.


Learn how to BUILD A BUSINESS by sharing Young Living essential oils and other Young Living products to build a residual revenue stream. (Check out the earning potential here.)

We have a training specifically designed to support Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studios build a profitable, sustainable, Young Living business.

Designed by experienced Yoga Teacher,

Laura Erdman-Luntz.

Laura has been a full-time Yoga professional for over 30 years, adding many revenue streams over the years to help support her family of four. She owned yoga studios, both online and brick & mortar; wrote, directed and taught, 200- and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings; led retreats around the world; wrote 4 print books, innumerable ebooks and hundreds of blog posts, just to name a few!

Laura has also already built a Young Living community of over 1000 families!


All of this business experience comes together

in this incredibly powerful training.

 The best part  of building a business with Young Living? You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. The business you build is completely yours, but we are here to be your community, your cheer leaders, your mentors.

Your success is our success.

Often as Yoga Teachers, we can feel like an island, all by ourselves. With Young Living and our community, you will have an entire tribe to call your own!

The training has 3 levels to it. You can do all or some:

  • Basics of building a Young Living business as a Yoga Teacher and with friends & family.
  • How to teach with the oils, if you choose to do so. 
  • Inspiration for your business building.

Not convinced network marketing, Young Living or our community is for you?

Start here.

I bet you change your mind!

If you join Laura’s Young Living team (called

Simply Serendipity), Parts of this training is included

in your business training.

(We created this training for our team but had so many requests to make it available for others, we did!).

To learn more about joining Laura’s Young Living team by ordering Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit, click below:

If you already have a Young Living account, you can still enjoy the training!
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About the Training

The training is entirely online and can be completed at your convenience.

Ready to hop in with both feet? Complete it over a weekend!

Want to take it slow? Take as long as you want.

..::SILVER Level::..

Basic Business Training

(Included in business training if you are in Laura’s Young Living Community)

SILVER Level: BASIC Business Training

This first level of training will give you a strong start in your Young Living business by learning about the basics of business building for Young Living.

You also receive a specialized plan for building your business as a Yoga Teacher:

  • How do you share with your Yoga students (without actually teaching Yoga + Essential Oil classes),
  • How to share with family & friends.
  • A workshop script to teach an introduction to essential oils.
  • How to share with fellow Yoga Teachers and Yoga Studio owners, including copy for letters you can send out.
  • Strategy on how to build your business smartly. 


– 15 Videos with almost 2 hours of training.


You also receive a complete launching your business plan that includes:

  • A detailed, 3-month, timetable for launching your business with a checklist.
  • Promotional material you can download, personalize and print for yourself, including postcards and a poster.
  • 5 Info-graphics with copy for social media marketing
  • Swipe copy for you to use to share the exciting news with your Yoga Teachers (if you are a studio) and your fellow Yoga friends (whether you are a studio or a teacher) to encourage them to join you.
  • Marketing copy for your email list 

..::GOLD Level::..

Teaching Yoga + Essential oils Yoga classes

GOLD Level: teaching yoga + essential oils 

Considering differentiating your teaching from the crowd by adding essential oils to your classes? This level of training introduces you to teaching yoga classes with essential oils.

You will receive training in:

  • What are essential oils and how do they work.
  • How do you use them safely with your students.
  • How can you incorporate them in class. (This module will let you be creative so you can add it to your style of teaching.)
  • Teaching with oils in restorative yoga (including ideas for: a class focused on the chakras, letting go and gratitude).
  • Learning what oils pair with what poses
  • Chakras and yoga + essential oils
  • Learning what oils and poses pair with what you want to cultivate in your life: courage, surrender, gratitude and more.


– 25 videos and almost 5 hours of content.


We will be adding to this section based on requests. Once you pay for this module, you will have access to any added content, for forever!

NOTE #1: This is not Yoga Teacher Training. The assumption with this level of training is you are already a Yoga Teacher.

NOTE #2: You do not need to teach with the oils to share Young Living as a Yoga Teacher. I did not begin teaching with the oils until I had been building a business for four years.


..::Platinum Level::..


(Included in business training if you are in Laura’s Young Living Community)

PLATINUM Level: Inspiration

Need a little inspiration? Laura has been a Life Coach for more than 25 years and has developed many ecourses that could benefit your business. Her content can help you take the next step in your life as well as business.

Enjoy mini courses on:

  • Rank Up Visualization: MP3 to use daily
  • Finding Your Why: 4 videos
  • Setting (and Reaching) Your Goals: 7 videos
  • Personal Growth through the Chakras: 11 videos
  • Creating a Vision Board: Coming soon!
  • Cultivating Courage: Coming soon!
  • Changing Limiting Beliefs: Coming soon!
  • And more – adding more as requests come through!


– 34 Videos and over 8 hours of inspirational tools with more being with requests!

diamond Level: Kit & Kaboodle

DIAMOND Level: Kit & Kaboodle

  • Get everything from all levels!
  • Know you will love it all? Then jump in with both feet.

REMEMBER: If you ARE PART OF the Simply Serendipity Young Living team,
Silver and Platinum Levels training are included in your business training.

If you haven’t already begun your Young Living account, you can sign up through us to receive this training as part of your business training. If you already have a Young Living account, you can totally still join us! Keep reading!

If you haven’t started your Young Living account yet, you find out more about ordering your Premium Starter Kit by clicking below:

When you click on the “Buy Now” button, you will be

transferred to the secure PayPal website to process your order. 

Silver Package: $97

Gold Package: $597

Platinum Package: $397

Diamond Package: $897

Refund Policy:

A refund will be issued within 30 days of purchase minus a $25 administrative fee for Silver levels and a $50 fee for Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels.

ALSO: Once you hit 31 days, you will unlock access to the “Finding Your Why” ecourse that you may share with your team!

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