Are you using your time well?

It’s a good question, isn’t it? Most of us truly believe we are efficient and working well. (Well, okay, maybe not most of us. I know for me I truly felt I was spinning my wheels and wasting time.)

Here is an exercise for you to do to help you take yourself to the next organizational level!

Step One:

Starting tomorrow, you will simply monitor EVERYTHING you do to build your business for 1 week. Keep track of – and write down – how much time you spend building your YL business… as well as EVERY TASK / ACTIVITY you do during that time. For the Greens out there, here are the two specific steps to follow :): 1. Decide how you’re going to keep track of your business activities. A journal? A spreadsheet? Do not keep track in your head – you will forget things – so WRITE IT DOWN! If you work on your biz while out and about or while traveling, you will want to keep track of your actions on your cell or a notebook in your car, and then transfer these to your master tracking document when you get home. DO NOT RELY ON MEMORY – track your work as you do it! 2. WHENEVER you work on your business, write down: – 1. the amount of time you spent on your business, and… – 2. what you were doing during that time, specifically. – Optional: If you want, you can write down the day and time you worked on that particular task (i.e. Tuesday, 12:10-12:40 pm).

  • 30 minutes making phone calls – gathering invites
  • 20 minutes on FB (started out looking at Exec page, ended up surfing my timeline for 19 minutes)
  • 45 minutes writing a newsletter to send out to my personal enrollees
  • 2 hours hosting a gathering
  • 30 minutes reading “Think and Grow Rich”
  • 10 minutes having vent fest with my sponsor
  • 15 minutes writing down ingredients needed for a make ’n’ take

Don’t simply write down “did emails” – write down what the emails were for. Same thing for phone calls ((invitations, PPP calls, care calls, etc). And if you start out doing one activity initially during that time frame, and end up switching to another activity, make sure to accurately record how you spent your time. ** RESIST THE URGE TO RECORD ONLY WHAT YOU THINK YOU SHOULD BE DOING. THE MORE ACCURATE YOU ARE, THE BETTER YOUR RESULTS WILL BE! Do this for ONE WEEK then listen to the recording below.


Step Two:

Listen to the recording of a Team Call lead for a few of our leaders by team leader, Kellie Tasto.

Use your time well!

by Kellie Tasto | Business Builder Series

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