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  • Four Year Career (Young Living Edition)
  • GoPro by Eric Worre



  • YL Fast Track: Four amazing Young Living leaders began creating weekly trainings two years ago and they are still providing them! You can follow on their Facebook page to get regular updates on their next training AND you can go to their website to get all of the previous recordings. (Password: ylfast) Awesome!

Emails/Ecourses: These emails were created to help peeps get started. Tap into whatever you need!

Getting Started with Your Oils” – 6 emails over a week’s time frame (sign up under – under “Business Resources”, then “Welcome Protocol”, then “Getting Started with Your Oils”) Please sign your own enrollees into this email, don’t send them to this page. You want to sign people up within 24 hours or the timing will be off. This series will get them ready for their oils kit.

You have your kit. Now what?: This series is for your peeps who have received the Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit. It is a 14-day challenge, introducing peeps to their oils one day at a time!

Simple Solutions – 10 emails over 10 days with suggestions on how to use YL products for common concerns. This is a great series to send peeps who are thinking about signing up but aren’t sure or peeps who have just begun with the oils and need to learn all the ways you can use the oils to be possible solutions to concerns. Each email has a link to a blog post that has more information and a recipe to go with it.

  • Simple Solutions URLs: Here is a summary page of all the solutions’ blog posts. A GREAT resource to send your peeps to so they can read about a particular issue.

Quick Tips: Emails received every 3-4 days that shares a single tip per email.

“Join Our Mailing List” – the main list that send out 1-2 per month, on

Web sites: For general oil education. this site has information about what oils are, how to sign up, etc. A resource for your prospects. – Testimonials from Young Living users everywhere. An amazing resource for you. You will need to register, then log in. I do the free membership. http://www.oil-testimonials/1536541 (KRE Publishing) ~ Linsey Elmore’s site


~for many recipes

Phone Apps:

Ref Guide 4 EO

OilyTools – business builders only

Sites for ordering extra oil products, bottles, roll-ons, books, etc:

KRE Publishing – run by Young Living people, have great specials!




Specialty Bottle

“Solutions” pages:

Business builders:

Katch,me/serendipityoils – old videos and periscopes

Essentially Powerful Facebook – for those who are building – for business builders

Marketing Scents – Young Living’s site to help you keep your business organized!

Phone Apps:

Ref Guide 4 EO

MSC Mobile


SS  Swag:


Sites for business tools:

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