Compensation Plan

I have this recording off to the side, so to speak, so you can listen to this as you get curious about how you will make money.

I want to say a few things about the comp plan so start by listening to the recording below.

THEN, there are TWO places that have GREAT comp plan videos:

  • Young Living, of course AND
  • Monique McClean: Monique is a Royal Crown Diamond leader who has a way of sharing the complexities of the plan in simply terms. You might enjoy playing on her website. LOTS of goodies there!

Enjoy both!

Here is the jpg that describes the plan: Compensation-Plan-Highlights
(Don’t worry if it looks crazy complicated. You will slowly become very comfortable with it!)

(Recording is 3 min.)

Comp Plan | Simply Serendipity Business Training

Comp Plan Highlights

by Laura L. Erdman-Luntz | Simply Serendipity Business Training

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