Sharing the Oils on a College Campus

Here are the supplies you can use to share the oils with your roommates, class mates, professors, parent’s, sibblings…

Someone is interested in the oils, what do you say? We have a couple of options for you:

  • A Day in the Life: College Script: Here is an entire script if you want to host an event for your friends. This script is very thorough, including how to do it and the handouts to have on hand. Don’t worry if you don’t have the products discussed. You can read the script and show pictures of the product from the Product Guide.
  • Sharing from the Product Guide: A really simple way to share the bevy of goodies from Young Living is by simply paging through the Product Guide and talking about Young Living. This link takes you to a sample of a Young Living Product Guide sharing video. Watch it to get an idea of how you can share that way. You can also send people to this link if you need to share virtually with people.

Here are a few documents you may want to have as you start to share the oils with others:

Someone signed up. Now what? Sign them up for this automated email to help them get started. (Please sign them up yourself rather than sending them the link. The page is part of our business builder page.) They will receive 5 emails over the week between ordering and receiving their products. The emails will connect them with resources and ways to get ready for their products. If you didn’t get signed up with this when you started, go ahead and do it now so you can see what people get.

Getting Started email

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