Sharing your oils is an act of kindness!

Pay it forward…

Drops of Kindness is our team’s way of helping people learn how to share their oils with others, to plant the seed that it is an act of kindness to pass them on.

To support you in this process, you can share the Drops Of Kindness Kits with your new enrollees.

The kits include: red organza bag, the business card-size information, and 3-5 1ml roll ons.

Here are the links to order each of the items.

We suggest leaders organize bulk orders and disperse them among your team.

Red organza bags

#1: Red Organza Bags

  • Order 4 x 6
  • There are a bevy of sources on eBay. This one is the cheapest I found, but if the seller no longer sell them and the link doesn’t work, search eBay for the best price.
  • Link

#2: 1 ml Roller Balls

Okay, these are just too cute! They are little glass bottles with roller ball tops that people can use to share a few drops of an oil. We suggest adding 3-5 to your Drops of Kindness Kit.

You need to purchase all pieces separately. You will see all parts on this page (roller, bottle, cover).

With shipping and tax, they are about $.55 a piece and the minimum order is 240. We suggest you purchase the kits with your team buddies or leaders get them in bulk for their teams.

Click here.

#3: Drops of Kindness Inserts

  • Use plain business cards. I use 123print. Easy – peasy. Really.
  • Click here (These are the full-color biz cards.)
  • Choose the 14pt uncoated matte.
  • 2 sided
  • Choose rectangle. Do not round the corners or you will lose some of the graphic.
  • Choose the number you want.
  • Click on “upload your own now”
  • Click on Full Color Business Cards – Horizontal.
  • You are now in the design studio. The front of the card is first. Click on “Upload Image”.
  • Click “Browse” to find your image. (The image is below for you to download.)
  • Click on upload and then click the box that says “Fill entire background”.
  • The photo will upload to your design. Looks good doesn’t it?
  • Click “Backside” and choose “Custom Back”.
  • Then go through the same process for the backside of the card.
  • Click “Next”. You will be able to edit the design one more time.
  • Then you will have the opportunity to add products. Keep clicking “Next” until you check out.
  • Voila!

Here are the jpgs for the cards.

Double click to download:

(They look awesome, don’t they? Give Leah Day a big fat thank you next time you see her!)

Front of Insert Card

Back of Insert Card

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