Your First Gathering

Yay! It’s you’ve scheduled your first gathering! Now, what to do?

  1. If you have started your Memory Jogger, choose the people from the list you want to see at your very first event. Fill it with people who love you and want to see you succeed. If you haven’t started your Memory Jogger, now is your time! Write down the people you know.
  2. A good number at your event is 3-4 new people to every builder. In other words, if you are the only builder at the event, no more than 4 new people. More than that can take too long to get them signed up at the end and the meeting gets too long. (As you get more experienced, you can begin to have more people.)
  3. If you have already signed people up, encourage them to bring someone to the event.
  4. Begin inviting about 2 weeks before the event and continue inviting all the way up to the day before. Some people will commit right away and others will take awhile.
  5. Share your story with them. Share why you think they would enjoy learning more and invite them.
  6. Always have your next two events scheduled so, if they can’t come to the date you are inviting for, you can immediately invite them to the next one.
  7. Want phrasing for your invitation?


Simple Solutions to Common Concerns: Shortcuts with Essential Oils

Sunday, 10/30, 2-4pm

Learn how to use these powerful, non-toxic gifts from nature to support you and your family’s wellness and get toxins out of your home! You will learn about Essential Oils, how to use them safely, and have an opportunity to get started, if you want to begin!


Chat with your sponsor if you aren’t sure what you need to do. Here is a guide to get you started: A Quick Start Guide to Successfully Inviting.

Here are the supplies you need for the event:

SCRIPT: Here is the script we use for small and large gatherings.

(If you are doing a one-on-one or an on-the-go intro, a Product Guide Introduction might be more appropriate.)

Other handouts we use:

Questionnaire: Hand out as people come in and gather them before you begin. Helpful to know what they are interested in learning more about AND you can keep them to do specific inviting for events going forward.

Wish List: Great way to keep notes.

Simple Solutions Summary: I use this to help people begin to understand what they can expect from the oils. Most people have no idea how much oils can do for them. And then they can take it home as a place to get started for choosing their own products.

It could happen to you: Plant the seed! I want people to know they can simply refer without fully stepping into the business.


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