>>  Scheduling The Class:

Select a day and time that works for you and hopefully a majority of the people you plan to invite. Some times that are recommended are:

  • Week nights from 630-830p
  • Week nights from 7-9p
  • Saturday mornings from 10-12n

If you have a lot of mommy friends who are more available during the day, choose a weekday morning or afternoon, making sure the class ends before they would have to leave for school pickup.


>>  Create Your Guest List:

Start to create your invite list with those people who come to mind immediately… maybe your mom, your sister…. your neighbor who’s kids always getting sick, etc. Once you’ve exhausted your top of mind list, THEN go through your phone contacts and Facebook friends.

Ideally you want the invitation process to result in 5-6 confirmed guests. To get that turnout you may need to have an invite list of up to 30 people.


>>  Pre-Inviting Planning:

Begin by thinking about why YOU love Young Living…and the impact it has had in your and your family’s life. Getting this clarity will be helpful to communicate your passion about Young Living during the inviting process.

Next, give some thought to WHY you think Young Living is a good fit for the people on your guest list…WHY you want to introduce them to the Young Living lifestyle. Make a note of this next to their name on your invite list.


>>  Inviting:

Reach out to your guest list via a phone call, text, email or FB private message. Contact them via the mode that you typically communicate with them.

Personalize the invitation!!! Share your own excitement about Young Living (see above), and explain why you thought to invite THEM to the class. Here is an example:

“I’ve just started using these new products made with essential oils from a company called Young Living and I’ve really fallen in love with them! My husband is sleeping better. Tommy is more focused when he’s doing his homework (and you know how much I’ve complained about that in the past!), and my skin is looking so much brighter since I’ve been putting frankincense essential oil in my moisturizer. I keep on thinking about you and how hard it has been for you to get the kids calmed down for bed, and there is a blend that I think would really help support your daughter’s respiratory system. I’m hosting an intro class on April 21st from 7-9pm and know you would benefit from learning about how these products can support you and your family. Are you free to join us?”

The ideal size for these classes is 4-6 guests. We DON’T want 15 people – it’s different than jewelry and other parties that way – because we want to be able to really personalize the experience for each guest so it’s as helpful as possible.


>>  Following Up:

Have a RSVP by date a week or so before the class. Mark that date in your calendar and reach out to anyone who has not yet RSVP’d.


>>  Confirming:

Contact your guests the day before the class. This can be via a quick text or phone call. For example:

“I’m so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night for the class! We will be starting promptly at 7pm. My address again is 88 Lavender Drive, Smithville.” 

You can include a photo of your diffuser, a shot of NingXia Red, or even your favorite oil, adding something like “I can’t wait for you to meet frank!” or “You won’t believe how delicious this is…AND good for you!”

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