For even more info, check out this handout and Lora: The Art of Inviting-FB LIVE EVENT

And this recording we made:

Download it here: Maximizing FB Gatherings

A FB event is essentially a 101 gathering online. At the start time (7pm C and 8pm E), we will begin posting on the event page. We have videos, graphics, posts that describe what essential oils are, how to use them, etc., just like we do at a home gathering.

Best part? Your peeps can be in their homes in their pjs. These events are so fabulous for the busy peeps in our lives. AND you don’t need to clean your house, prepare snacks, or get the kiddos taken care of. PLUS, you can get up from your computer, go get a snack, or not even be there and that’s ok!!

Yep, these are awesome! We will be doing them at least once a month going forward.

NOW, the inviting is crucial. If you are brand new, please download the file to listen to Lora and I chat about what to do to invite and read the attached file.

In a nutshell:

1. DO NOT MASS INVITE! I repeat: DO NOT MASS INVITE! We are all about building relationships. Use this to build relationships.

2. PM anyone you want to invite. Ask them if they are interested. If they say yes, invite them. Tell them it is invite only. Make them feel special — because they are!

3. Send them a quick PM on Monday to remind them and to say you are looking forward to talking to them afterward about what they heard.

4. Set up a time either later on Monday night or on Tuesday when you can chat with them about the oils. Do your very best not to let 48 hours go by. There is a statistic that I can’t find and I wish I could about immediate follow up being crucial. I remember something like within 24 hours there’s a 90+% rate of people who jump in. Within 48 hours it drops to like 65% and then plummets afterward. Get them while they are still excited.

5. FOLLOWUP, FOLLOWUP, FOLLOWUP!! The event will be up for 7 days. Do not tell them that before hand — you want urgency here! If they missed it, ask “When do you think you can watch it?” And then set up a time as soon as possible after that.

Questions? Post and we will work on helping you.

If you work this well, everyone, you can REALLY rock it. It is such an effortless gathering AND a great way to get 10-12+ peeps signed up in one fell swoop!

IF you are needing to get to STAR and want extra support to use the FB event, let your sponsor know.


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