Quick Welcome Protocol


If the larger welcome overwhelms you, I totally get it! 🙂 

Initially I was overwhelmed but I found after awhile a system made life infinitely easier. 

BUT you can narrow down your welcome process and make it so much easier! 


Quick Welcome Process:

The most important thing you can do for your peeps is to add them to our FB pages and encourage them to dive in. We have a whole bevy of great info there for everyone! Be sure to tag them in the Welcome post under “Announcements”.

1. Add them to the Sharing Essential Oils with Simply Serendipity Facebook page and the  Simply Serendipity Glitterati page

2. Tag them in the pinned post. 

3. Send them a welcome email that taps them into the START page: https://www.simplyserendipitycentral.com/start 

4. Offer to do a Box Opening when you take them through all the goodies in their box and help them learn how to use them. I also use this time to make sure they know how to use the Virtual Office and talk about Essential Rewards. (There are a videos on both on the START page but they may not have done it.)

5. Stay in touch! Periodically tag them in appropriate posts on FB, send a text, call, check in. Make sure they know you are thinking of them and are there to help!






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