Let’s get youR BUSINESS started!

Okay, y’all, this is NOT rocket science. To start making a bit of money you don’t need to be an aromatherapist (and I definitely don’t recommend it for those thinking about it!), you don’t need to know everything about everything.

It is simply sharing something you believe in. I signed up my first two peeps before I even had the kit in my hands. Frankly, I just shared my excitement about learning about the oils and my friends said, “Oh, me, too!”

Let’s get you started earning a check THIS month!

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Resources to help you share with others…

Our team has a website specifically for helping YOU share with people: SimplySerendipityCentral.com.

Here are a few pages you will want to know about:

Then we also have a “Getting Started” page you already explored in the “Let’s Get YOU Started” training module:

Getting Started

Share this page for your new peeps to help them take the first steps with their products with confidence.



What you earn…FAST START BONUS

Young Living has many ways to bump up your check with commissions and bonuses. I am going to share with you bits and pieces as we go so you can slowly absorb all the ways you can work with the compensation plan to maximize your earnings.

Frankly, one of the things I admire most about Young Living is their compensation plan (Comp Plan). It is known in the industry for its generosity for the distributor and its brilliance for encouraging the distributor to build in a smart way.

The first way you earn money is the Fast Start Bonus

FAST START BONUS: For the first 3 months after someone signs up, you earn 25% off everything your new member purchases. The reason for this bonus is Young Living knows the first 100 days is a crucial time for a new member. If we help them get excited, learn more, and encourage Essential Rewards or at least to order right away, they are far more likely to continue being a Young Living lover for the rest of their life. Which means we have helped them and we have begun to build a stabler financial base for our business. ALL GOOD!

You also earn a $25 Premium Starter Kit bonus for each kit purchased through you.

NOTE: Your commission is based on PV, not DOLLAR VALUE. PV stands for “Point Value”. Most products in Young Living have a 1pv to $1 value. (You can see the PV value as well as the retail and wholesale value in the Product Guide and online.) The Premium Starter Kit has a 100pv value.

So let’s do the math here, for each Premium Starter Kit (PSK):

  • You earn a $25 Starter Kit bonus PLUS,
  • 25% of the total PV of the order. The PSK is 100pv so that is $25 AND 25% of everything else they purchase.

Do you see how huge this can be? I sold 6 kits my first month (and only kits — I didn’t know about encouraging other products as well…yet.)

My first check was $300 — paid for my kit and then some!

Sharing YL the Right Way

Be sure you are sharing YL the RIGHT way!

(NOTE: This section is only for US members. Every country has it’s own regulations on what you can say. Be sure to read the Policies & Procedures in your back office – scroll down for info – and check your own back office for info on what you can and cannot say.)

We do need to be careful what we say about these products. We want to stay focused on talking about wellness not illness. In other words, to be sure we aren’t diagnosing, prescribing, promising cures, even through our own personal stories. (In other words, be careful not to say, “This oil totally cured my headaches” or “I took this and my cold went away.” or “Totally cooled my hot flashes.”)

The FDA keeps very close tabs on the essential oil world to make sure we are keeping everything “above the wellness line”.

Here’s the thing, this law makes doing what we do so much easier! First of all, people won’t think you are the aromatherapist to turn to whenever they have a sniffle. (After all, when you recommend a restaurant, do they expect you to order for them, too?) People will learn right away that they need to do their own research. AND that means we get to focus on wellness, so much more positive!

Here are a few resources for you to review to learn more about making sure you are sharing “above the wellness line”.

Double click on the link below to download the podcast or click on the left of the bar to listen here.

Sharing YL the Right Way

Sharing YL the Right Way

by Laura Erdman-Luntz | Young Living for Yoga Teachers

FIRST, listen to the recording. THEN here are the forms to help: Go into Virtual Office and look under “Member Resources”. We have a few documents you can review there:


  • Sharing Is Easy: How to share Young Living products easily safely


  • All the “Hot Words” documents


  • Say This Not That
  • Print Young Living’s Suggested Product Claims and add it to your essential oil sharing information: YL Suggested Product Claims






Policies & Procedures

Find Young Living’s Policies & Procedures information in your back office. I recommend printing it and reading it front to back.

You want to be sure you comply with all policies — they are there for a reason!

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