Rank Up Planning

The numbers…let’s look at them and figure out what you need!

Step One: Click here:


It is a google sheet that is a form for you to break down your goal to convention.

Step Two: Decide your goal for convention.

Right now you have 5 1/2 months to convention. PLENTY of time to create magic!

Step Three: Write in your goal numbers.

If you want to hit your goal earlier, like February, write in the numbers you will need for each builders. 

Then work backward, filling in each month, allowing you to build incrementally to your goal.

Step Four: Check in with your builders.

What are their goals? Do they align with yours? If, yes, yay! If not, do you need to find new people or is your builder willing to team up with you to increase their goals?

Step Five: Look at this month and break it down by week.

Look at the next 4-6 weeks. What do you need to do to meet the next month’s goals? Is here a leg that needs attention? What is your ER percentage? And you ALWAYS want to be enrolling new peeps. Do you have a prospecting plan?

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