Day 11: The Script

You have your friends and family in front of you, you are surrounded by your oils and you are bursting with passion and excitement to share how amazing they are. Now what do you say?

The key to this business, as we will mention over and over again, is duplication. You want the people in front of you, whether consciously or subconsciously, to say, “Hey, I could do that!” as you go through your presentation.

In other words, simplicity is key. Don’t make it complicated, don’t go into deep detail, don’t make yourself look like an expert. You WANT people to feel they could describe the oils, in a nutshell, to their neighbor when their neighbor comes over and says, “Wow! What smells so good!”

The key to that is to use the tools. As you do your talk, use the Product Guide, use the Everyday OIls booklet your kit came with. As you talk, point to the pages you are talking about.

We use Sera Johnson’s KISSED presentation (Keep It Super Simple for Easy Duplication).

Below is the video of  Sera talking you through how to do it and the script our very own Simply Serendipity leader, Abby Bracke, wrote up for us.

Download the KISSED Script here: KISSED Presentation-March 2014

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