Let’s build your business with the #SwitchToSafer series!

Here is a schedule of what to do and when:Promotion Schedule STS

Want to send Care Club Packages? I got ya covered!

Here are suggestions for what to put in the envelope as well as the links to the containers, shipping envelopes, etc:
Care Club STS contents

If you send a Care Club Package, you will want to add an insert to educate people on what the product is. Here are the inserts as a PDF (if you want to simply print and run with what I did) or a Word Doc (if you want to edit for yourself):


Want to send postcards? Here is the postcard for you:

(Before you print your own, check with me. I have a bevy and can send you some. These postcards will still be usable after the event. They send people to the website and will direct them to the info that will be posted there.)

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