Welcoming New Members with a Gift

Everyone loves a gift! And this is such a lovely way to not only thank your new member for entrusting you with their business but also educate them and get them started thinking about their next step. You can also use these suggestions for a gift once someone has been on ER for 3 months or to host a gathering or a first enrollment.

Step one is to decide your budget. You can do it for as little as less than a dollar by sending a thank you note you purchased from the dollar bin at Target and printing some recipes for the Starter Kit you add to the envelope.

If you can afford more or need ideas for other care packages for your peeps, here are some ideas:

Thank You cards:

I love to frequent Michael’s and Target dollar bins. Very affordable! I also like these cards — I love to keep it red for Simply Serendipity: Thank You Cards.

Starter Guides:

  • Check the Facebook page. We have a great digital, starter guide on the Facebook page.
  • Oil Revolution Designs: This link takes you to their shop page. So many goodies! I love her Essential Oil Starter Guide. The little one fits into a 4 x 6 envelope and is very affordable.
  • Welcome Book: This book is also a favorite. Larger, which is nice, and more expensive.


A few empty containers is a super inexpensive way to share some love:

Roll ons:

  • 10 ml: I like these for starter roll-ons.
  • 3 ml; This size is handy and my preferred personally. They fit in your pocket!

Spray bottles:

  • 2 oz: My favorite size!

Give a sample of a product:

Sharing samples of products that someone hasn’t tried yet is a GREAT way to thank someone AND give them a taster of a product that they might like to purchase.

Note: Only share products that either you need to taste first to see if you like it (such as the shakes) OR they will be able to feel its effect with only one serving (such as nitro).

My faves include:

  • Lotion
  • Nitro
  • Shake: Slique packets are great and a scoop or two of Pure Protein Complete
  • Thieves Hand Purifier

Recipes with PSK oils:

Share recipes with the Starter Kit oils. Super easy and very inexpensive!


Essential Rewards (ER) info: You can make postcards out of this graphic: 


Switch to Safer: I share these with people to help them see the benefits of a YL Lifestyle beyond the oils:


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