We all know the DO NOTS, right? So what can we DO to share oils with the world!

Look no further:

DO talk about how the oils support a particular system of the body!

DO post your favorite combo for diffusing to make your home welcoming.

DO share your own DIY beauty products.

DO talk about a chemical-free home as a get “Back to Basics” initiative

DO continue to love people and share the amazing gift we have been given with Young Living.

Talk about Young Living as a company and that it has yet to reach its growth potential

Do talk about Young Living being the highest quality product on the market, “Seed to Seal”.

Do talk about how Young Living has just provided you a duplicable starter kit that will only accelerate your business! It’s timing was incredible ( divine? ) and it will fill the gap.

Do talk about how Young Living essential oils sell themselves.

Do congratulate your members for caring a great deal about people’s lives using this product and remind them they aren’t selling product, they’re loving people.

Do love on your team! That’s what makes it grow! Product claims won’t make your team grow like encouragement and your positive attitude!

Remember, panic and fear are contagious and spread like a wildfire. We are simply being asked to shift our focus moving forward and clean up our past posts. How will this affect us? Let’s talk about the positive ways it will. A little glass half full, silver lining, if you will.

Here are some GOOD things about this:

  1. You get to enjoy your family unplugged without answering someone’s oils question they should have and could have looked up.
  2. The burden of what happens to someone when they do “x,y,z for 2-3 times a day” that you or someone on your team told them to do with the oils will be off your shoulders, where they never belonged in the first place, as you likely are not an M.D.
  3. People will take their care in their own hands, (they CAN do it!!) research, read, and learn.
  4. Focus on the groups and social media will be on positive–wellness, purpose, abundance and a whole lotta OOLA! Who doesn’t love focusing on something fun and uplifting instead of sickness and disease!?
  5. Necessity is the mother of invention….expect to see CREATIVITY to re-emerge!!! Adaptation, new ideas, new growth in OTHER areas!
  6. YL is just a safe as any other company out there!!!! Maybe safer because Gary and Mary have a heart for the people unlike many companies.
  7. BUT really THIS should be first….God is IN CONTROL! I have my hope built on the bedrock! Not this company, not this country, not the world. We are all at His mercy and lovingkindness.



  1. Essential Oils and DIY Cleaning
  2. Essential Oils and DIY Beauty
  3. Essential Oils and Emotions (emotions are a “natural” part of our bodies – just make sure you don’t talk about fixing any emotional disease such as depression, anxiety attacks, etc.)
  4. Essential Oils and Supporting our Body Systems – we can talk about oils that support already healthy body systems – refer to the list above as well as our Body Systems webinar to learn more!
  5. Essential Oil Accessories – make sure people know all of the options for using their oils!
  6. The History of Essential Oils – you may share the historical data surrounding essential oils – but again, nothing about fixing disease.
  7. Anything on the Young Living website – Young Living is doing their homework and making sure that they are providing us with the best possible material to work with when sharing.
  8. Share the community and support you receive when doing this together – this is the beautiful thing about this network marketing model! What do you love about the people you are helping and receiving support from? We are desperate for “real” relationship and Young Living gives us an opportunity to connect with and support one another in such a special way!

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