Someone is Interested!

So. Exciting!

What do you do?

If you are hosting a gathering in the near future, invite them!

If you aren’t, or they want info sooner rather than later, or they live far away, we have other methods of sharing!

Choose the one that fits your person the best:

Listener: Recording: We have a professionaly created podcast of an essential oil intro and a quick video by Young Living here

Readers: Website: Here is a single webpage that does an entire intro: Intro to YL.

– Facebook page: Our FB page, Sharing Essential Oils with Simply Serendipity is for prospect as well as our members. Add them and then tag in a few appropriate posts. This one is great for any blues in your life – so they can see the community.


THEN YOU NEED TO FOLLOW UP. Yep, all caps because I mean business.

We often send something and just assume the person will follow up with us.

And sometimes they do!

And mostly they don’t. 

Life is busy. You know it. I know it.

Good grief! A text moves down my screen and I forget to return it.

Here’s the conversation I have:

“I’m so excited you want to learn more! I have a few ways you can do so! Are you are a reader? A listener? Or a participants?”


“Ok, great! I have something that will take you about 20 min to read/listen to/go through. When do you think you could do it?”

Answer: By Sunday night

“Awesome! So if I call on Monday, you will have done it?”

Answer: Yes!

“Great! Let’s set up a time on Monday morning.”

This is SO EMPOWERING for your person. THEY choose when they will do it. THEY choose how they will learn more.

THEN I make sure to follow up when I say I will.

AND if they haven’t finished what they said they would, no worries! Do the process again. We have ALL BEEN THERE. We say we are going to do something and just don’t follow through. 


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